All you have is a book

Time and again, I am told, evidence doesn’t come in the normal way when discussing the existence of the gods. Of course, this is special pleading at its finest. Most of us agree what constitutes evidence for everything in life but for some reason, theists don’t think the same rules apply to the gods. Okay, no problem.

But, let’s just review what Christians base ALL their beliefs on:




The is is the ONLY thing a Christian has to base their beliefs on. They like to pretend it was ‘inspired by the gods’ but, of course, all they have is a hope and no evidence for this.


So, quite literally, they base all their life decisions on the words of sheepherders dead for thousands and thousands of years.


Some will take the words of these dead sheepherder, complete strangers, over the research and evidences provided by some of the greatest minds to ever live. Some will completely dispute evolution because, well, because, sheepherders said so.

Some will claim, gays are an abomination. Why? Because sheepherders said so. Just ask a theist for a logical reason to condemn homosexuality and they will evade and run away all day long. But, dammit, they will kill for the words of sheepherders!


Take away the bible and what are they left with? Personal experience? Big deal. Even those experiences, real as they may be, do not indicate the gods. It only indicates the theist interprets it as the gods.

My question is this:
1. Without the bible what have you got?
2. Why do you put so much stock in a book you KNOW was written by man with no special attributes?



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