Science Says You’re Right to Think Women Aren’t as Funny as Men

You’re Right to Think Women Aren’t as Funny as Men, Science Says

A major new review of the psychological research has found that the stereotype is true: Men really are funnier than women.

In the meta-analysis, published Tuesday in the Journal of Research in Personality, a team of psychologists reviewed 28 previous studies that looked at sex differences in “humor production” ability. The researchers included 36 independent samples from around the world and 5, 5057 participants, 67 percent of whom where women.

It was the first comprehensive and systematic review of the subject, seeking to include all the relevant research.

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As one of the authors, Gil Greengross, explained in a writeup for Psychology Today, a typical study included in the analysis asked subjects to write a funny caption for a cartoon. Judges later rated the responses for funniness.

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