Read the full text of the House resolution on Trump impeachment process

WASHINGTON — House Democrats released on Tuesday text of the resolution that will detail their procedures as they move forward with the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

The full House is expected to vote Thursday on the resolution after the House Rules Committee debates and marks it up on Wednesday.

The eight-page resolution calls for public hearings and lays out their general format, and specifically permits staff counsels to question witnesses for periods of up to 45 minutes per side, Democrats and Republicans. The resolution gives the minority the same rights to question witnesses that the majority has, ” as has been true at every step of the inquiry,” Democrats said in a fact sheet about the measure.

The measure also would allow the president or his counsel to participate in impeachment proceedings held by the House Judiciary Committee, which has the authority to advance articles of impeachment against the president. The resolution explicitly states that the Judiciary panel will decide whether articles should be reported to the full House.

If the president “refuses to cooperate” unlawfully with congressional requests, Democrats say that the measure says “the Chair shall have the discretion to impose appropriate remedies, including by denying specific requests by the President or his counsel.”

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