‘The Worst Season I’ve Ever Experienced’: Finding Contentment in Disco

‘The Worst Season I’ve Ever Experienced’: Finding Contentment in Discouraging Times

uraging Times

By Emily Plezia

I won’t lie. This past summer has been the worst season I’ve ever experienced. We began the summer as a hopeful and excited family, starting new paperwork for our second round of foster care. I was eager to spend the summer with my kids in a new home and planned to spend our summer days hiking and berry picking in the National Park nearby.

Then my husband lost his job.

Then my dad lost his three-year battle with cancer. Expected, but it was still tough to say good-bye. Then our cat randomly died. Our first baby, who journeyed with us as not just a pet, but a family member, over 13 years and 4 interstate moves. It was a sudden and shocking blow for the whole family.

A brief reprieve as my husband found a job, but it didn’t work out.

Then we had problems with our van and our refrigerator died, leaving us with some pretty big expenses. Kind of scary when you don’t have an income.

Throw in a few cases of lice and pinkeye, and that pretty much sums up our summer.

I admit I lost my traction and only took the kids hiking twice. We won’t be able to get our foster license until one of us has been working consistently for a year. I struggled to find motivation in the midst of my self-pity. My husband felt as if he couldn’t provide for our family and was discouraged with the amount of job opportunity in our small town. We were in a funk and didn’t know how to get out.

But God, in His all-knowing way, has been using this season to teach me some important survival skills, which I’d like to share with you.

It’s only a season

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