Vice President Mike Pence: Democrats Have Abandoned Legislating to Pursue Impeachment Strategy

In an interview with PBS’s Judy Woodruff that aired Monday evening, Pence made the case that reforms on guns, immigration, the economy, healthcare, and more seem “to have gone by the boards in this reckless pursuit of impeachment by the Democrats.”

Pence added that Democrats have scuttled a number of different potential policy wins for American workers and families by pursuing this “reckless” strategy. In fact, as of this writing, as Breitbart News has reported multiple times, Democrats in the House majority have zero big-picture legislative accomplishments and have passed nothing but meaningless political resolutions and messaging bills that have no chance of becoming law. They have spent all their political capital on investigations in what has now become an impeachment fight.

We have a crisis of opioid abuse and addiction in this country. Our administration has made historic investments in supporting local law enforcement and healthcare providers. But there’s so much more we can do. And on the economy, even though President Trump was able to cut taxes across the board, roll back regulation, unleash American energy, and now 6.5 million jobs, records in the stock market, more Americans working than ever before — we believe, by passing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, that we can add even more strength to this economy. The S&P set a record today, and we believe it’s all evidence to the fact that this economy is ready to grow if we’ll work together in ways that will continue to strengthen the opportunities the American people have. And so I think as the American people let their voice be heard to members on Capitol Hill, I think elected representatives are going to continue to hear the American people say, ‘Enough is enough. Enough with the endless investigations. We want Congress to roll your sleeves up, work with this President, and keep America safe and growing strong.’

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