Florida man arrested for allegedly spitting on bar patron wearing MAGA hat: report

Florida man was arrested after he allegedly spit on a fellow bar patron wearing a MAGA hat Friday and later told police he didn’t care because he has “more time on this earth” than the man he attacked, according to reports.

Matthias Ajple, 43, allegedly approached Robert Youngblood, 67, at a bar in Vero Beach, slapped the bill of his hat, told him to “go back to Russia, you f— communist,” spit on him and then left the bar, The Smoking Gun, citing the police, reported.

Youngblood reportedly took down Ajple’s license plate and gave it to police.

When Ajple was arrested, he allegedly told police he didn’t care that he was going to jail because he thought it was “exciting,” the report said. He allegedly said he accosted Youngblood because he supports law enforcement and Trump supporters are “communist and racist.”

He was charged with one count of battery and posted a $500 bond on Saturday morning, The Smoking Gun reported.

Article URL : https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-man-arrested-for-spitting-on-older-bar-patron-wearing-maga-hat-tells-police-he-has-more-time-on-this-earth-than-victim-reports

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