Forced Conversion to Christianity or Die by Annihilated.


Forced Conversion to Christianity or Die by Annihilated. 

Most Christians will state that their religion is the true religion, and point out there are two billion Christian adherents as proof! However, one can say truthfully that it came about by force and indoctrination through fear and lies by the Church. Of course, Christians will deny that, they would, wouldn’t they!  

99% of Christians have never factually checked their religion’s history, other than reading the Bible. To some Christians reading anything other than the Bible is tantamount to treason against their God.  

If we had of left our so-called spiritual wellbeing to the Church, we would be back in the stone-age without modern technology or even of putting a man on the moon. We would still believe in a flat Earth, and that the Sun and all the planets revolve around the Earth. Heliocentricity would to this day be a band word, which could get you burnt at the stake for just thinking about it out loud. Even what you read would be vetted.  Equally the Bible would be on the List of Prohibited Books aka Index Librorum Prohibitorum if it were written in any language other than Latin.  Also forbidden would be street lighting, planes, trains, and automobiles, more than three people congregating, newspapers. With a Gallows in every village, town and city with the ecclesiastic secret police watching your every move. All court proceedings would be in Latin, and if you were found guilty, you would be sent to the galleys. 

With all that, no wonder people became (good) Christians, however, that is not the lot of it!

Christianity was forced on whole nations, it was Christianity or annihilation.  

“The Hungarians adopted Christianity as the alternative to extinction in 1000 CE. Also, forced conversion of annihilation was on offer for the pagan Wends when conquered in 1147, and most of the Pagan Teutonic tribes. [Dragnea, Mihai (2016), Divine Vengeance and Human Justice in the Wendish Crusade of 1147. p, 62.]

Using the same rhetoric contained in the papal Bull Divina dispensatione on 11 April 1147, for vengeance against a Pagan people by as Pope Eugenius III (1145-53).  The Cistercian abbot Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) spoke against the Wends by saying: “We prohibit completely that a truce be made for any reason with these people [Wends] either for money or for tribute, until such time as, with the aid of God, either their religion or their nation shall be destroyed.”[Ibid]  

The same thing happened more than 750 years earlier, when the Roman Empire chose Catholicism as its sole State religion: We command that those persons who follow this rule shall embrace the name of Catholic Christians. The rest, however, whom We adjudge demented and insane, shall sustain the infamy of heretical dogmas, their meeting places shall not receive the name of churches, and they shall be smitten first by divine vengeance and secondly by the retribution of Our own initiative, which We shall assume in accordance with the divine judgment… [Theodosian Code XVI.1.2 —28 February 380]. Those wishing to see the full document see the link.

Charlemagne in 802 CE required every male subject of the Holy Roman Empire above the age of twelve to renew his oath of allegiance and swear to be not only a good subject but also a good Christian. Forcing the Pagans in his empire to convert to Christianity or die. To refuse baptism and retract after baptism were crimes punishable with death. It was indeed fearful danger and death by torture, rack, and fire to show the faintest symptoms of doubt of the faith of the Holy Church.”[E. Christopher Reyes (2010), In His Name. p.155, AutoHouse, Bloomington, Indiana] Also, see under Henderson’s Note 

The most arduous campaigns were against the Saxons and lasted 30 years. Many Saxons had crossed into Britain and were heathen, Charlemagne was determined to Christianize them. This momentous shift, which amounted in effect to the birth of the medieval mounted knight. Conquering the Saxons repeatedly and baptizing them by force, only to have them rebel when his armies withdrew. In a fit of savage exasperation, he ordered the execution of 4500 unfaithful Saxons in a single bloody day in 782. He succeeded only by laying waste to Saxony, massacring countless captives, and relocating thousands of families in other parts of his empire. By about 800 Frankish control was well established, and in subsequent decades Christianity seeped gradually into the Saxon soul.

The followers of Christianity have historically been responsible for more forced conversions than those ascribed to any other faith, and that fact alone is responsible for the dominance of Christianity in Europe and the Americas.”—Derek Helling, A short history of Forced Conversions to Christianity.  

Vandals, Heruli, Ostrogoths, Lithuanians, and continental Saxons also saw annihilations of their people on a large scale for choosing to remain Pagan. 

I can say that powerful men lead by religion can amass a multitude of people by force and fear.  So we can gather from history that the ancestors of Christians today in most cases were forces into Christianity on the bane of death! It was not just Pagans, even non-Orthodox Christians of pre-380 and Jews were forcefully converted. Especially with the Jews of Spain and Portugal, as well as destroying and censoring their holy scriptures. So there is nothing to be proud or boasting that Christianity has more adherents than any other religion. Their early followers were all got by default.

What do you say, do you agree with history—that without forced conversion the Christian Church today would be in the low millions, rather than the Billions it boasts?



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