Islamic Whataboutism

Hypnosis is not an official Israeli policy. When Representative Ilhan Omar faced the chance of a rebuke from the house in the form of an anti-anti-semitism resolution, she was successful in watering down its original purpose by convincing Pelosi to put forth a resolution condemning all bigotry instead. It was classic whataboutism. It was a cliched example of some Muslim’s inability to own their mistakes or to accept criticism.

Now Omar has done it again. Instead of supporting a resolution condemning a genocide by Turks (members of the Ummah to Omar), she simply voted present because… whataboutism. This time, Omar wants other genocides to be acknowledged because, allah forbid Islam or Muslims be criticized without other groups being criticized also.

All this whataboutism makes me think about how retrograde the wide majority of Muslim countries are, their overall lack of progress in feminist and LGBTQIA spaces, and their lack of success in capitalism outside of destroying the earth with oil and natural gas.

Maybe if more Muslims were more receptive to criticism, Muslim countries wouldn’t mostly be homophobic hellholes avoided by gays like the plague.

Can you name other examples of Islamic whataboutism?

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