Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Questioning whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween is only a recent trend brought forth by Evangelicals. This article provides some history and explanations why.

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While many Americans spend October excitedly planning for Halloween’s costumes and candies, many conservative Evangelical Christians look ahead to the holiday with dread. Pastors may warnabout “demonic spirits and curses” that can be attached to Halloween traditions, and parents may ask teachers and others to excuse their children from Halloween events. In light of concerns over offending religious families, some schools have banned Halloween celebrations altogether, and some communities host fall harvest festivals instead of trick-or-treating.

The televangelist Rev. Jerry Falwell was one of the first to see Halloween as a teachable moment.

“Falwell thought it could be used to teach about devil worship and temptations,” Bivins says. Amid his perception of the “growing normalization of the sexual promiscuity, drug use and rock culture, he became convinced that if you could win against Halloween, you could make kind of an insurgent strike against all the other ills of culture.”

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

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