Ghost, Demons, or Renegade Spirits? Do Atheist Fear or Question The Supernatural or Completely Disbelieve in All of the Myth?

Back when I was a teenager in high-school, there was a side of me that would deeply think about God and the afterlife.  Towards the end of my Freshman year I was a full on atheist.  I kept this to myself as most students were religious, but I noticed many of those I was hanging out were coming out as non-religious.  I still didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone… which was probably safe, in my sophomore year I was asked about my thoughts on Jesus by a senior who belonged to a Christian youth club… when I said I didn’t believe in God, it put him in such traumatic shock that he literally cried site on scene.  It opened my eyes to the real power of mind manipulation through religion…I mean he had water works on both eyes and this horrified distraught look on his face as he had never met someone who did not believe in God before.

We all have these high-school stories of how our lives either went horrible wrong or … no they never went well. No one ever talks about their thoughts on religion from high-school or how they pondered the universe.  I actually focused on the ideas of things like intelligent design to find proof of creation and used the scientific method. but when it would prove God existed… it would also prove at that moment that we were in a giant simulation.  That’s for another debate and I have not heard anyone else even on a pod cast ever use what I just laid out the formula there for…it’s really simple to look at and you will just turn around and walk away like you saw nothing if you did.

Back to the story..every year on Halloween me and my friends would still dress up, it was fun and crap to go downtown and cause trouble.  We would watch horror films and get scared because that was also fun.  However a conversation came up where one of the guys started talking about staying at his grandmothers house when he was younger and there being a real situation of it being haunted.  This guy claimed he was a real atheist that he never believed in god.. This eventually led to another one saying he too had an experience as well…. both still say they are atheist, but when confronted on whether they believe in ghost…. that’s a whole different answer. So I ask them, do you believe in demons or just ghost?  They were both vague on their answer one saying they don’t know and the other saying they just believe in spirits.

My question is this… does someone simply say they are an atheist and just not believe, or do they just use the label?  In my later years it seems to me there is this relevance of inherent fear of spirits in humans regardless if you believe in them or not.  Do you believe in demons and if you do are they of a higher level of spirit that is not human?  Please leave your answer down below.

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