Inside The Fox News Viewer Impeachment Bubble: Rage, Disgust, And Uninterrupted Defense Of Donald Trump

PACE, FLORIDA — Chris wanted to make it clear: He didn’t mean to compare Donald Trump to Jesus. But he did, twice.

Democrats have gone after Trump over and over again because they’re threatened by his power, Chris said — just like the Romans did with Christ. And later, when they couldn’t find real reasons to persecute him, well: “They just bear false witness.”

“It’s a ‘Peter and the Wolf’ thing,” said Chris, a resident of tiny Baker, Florida, who is struggling to find work because of a physical disability. First accusations of racism, then sexual harassment, then anti-LGBTQ bias, then more racism, then Russian collusion. Now, Ukraine.

“You cry long enough and loud enough, and at first people are like, ‘Oh no, the wolf is here, the wolf is here,’ but after a while, you realize, it’s a joke. And so now, I don’t even care anymore.”

With the impeachment inquiry into Trump raging on in Washington, I went looking for the place in America that was deepest inside the Fox News bubble. There’s no data about where, exactly, people watch the most Fox News. But data from the Public Religion Research Institute suggests that the average Republican who watches Fox is white, Southern, and over the age of 30.

I ended up here, in a sunbaked Walmart parking lot in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.

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