No, Katie Hill, You’re Not Resigning Because Of Naked Photos

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) is gone. Well, it’s not official until tomorrow, but she has resigned in disgrace after it was revealed that she was having an improper relationship with a subordinate. That’s unethical and against House rules. There are legal arguments that one cannot offer consent to someone who also signs their paychecks. RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar broke the story that engulfed Hill’s office in controversy:…

Yes, there are texts and photographs that confirm all of this. Yet, it’s not the throuple aspect that’s troubling, though it’s borne some pretty good jokes. It’s the fact that Hill decided to have a relationship with her legislative director. And yes, four days ago the House Ethics Committee launched an investigation into this relationship. The walls were closing in and she decided to resign. In her farewell speech, Hill went into a tirade against the double standard that zapped her career (via Politico):….

Yeah, that has nothing to do with what you did, soon-to-be-ex congresswoman. It’s not the photos. It’s not the texts. Your past throuple was the bridge to the larger and more serious ethics violation regarding the relationship you had with Mr. Kelly. Of course, one has to show evidence of this throuple since it’s the odd arrangement that preceded her larger ethics iceberg. As for the double standard, is there one in this case? If Hill were a man, she would have also had to resign. As for the allegations against Trump, there is little evidence that any of those past alleged relationships were unethical under House rules. No taxpayer money was involved either. The lady just got caught and now she’s gone. Period. So, save the tired and predictable lectures against the patriarchy for someone else, congresswoman. Others have combed through that already. But Hill did have one final sendoff from members of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s squad. She took one last photo with left-wing Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA). AOC’s squad and Hill. Now, that’s quite the throuple.

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