Is the Dems’ impeachment inquiry a repeat of the collusion farce?

As Paul Sperry reports at RealClearPolitics, GOP members of the House committees tasked with the inquiry have been pressing witnesses about a specific former National Security Council aide who fits the known facts about the whistleblower.

But it’s other parts of his background that stand out: He’s a registered Democrat who worked not only with then-Veep Joe Biden but also with frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Trumper John Brennan, who as CIA chief was key to launching the “collusion” investigation back in 2016.

During the campaign, this NSC staffer also reportedly met at the White House with the Democratic National Committee opposition researcher leading an effort to link the Trump campaign to the Putin regime. And he left the NSC early in the Trump era under suspicion of being one of those feeding negative leaks to anti-Trump media.

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