Dems’ Impeachment Charade a Disaster for Them, Not the American People

And it’s not about Joe Biden. Biden arose in the conversation with Zelensky as something of an afterthought. Why wouldn’t he be? Hapless Joe’s been a textbook example of The Peter Principle ever since he plagiarized in law school (think about that as an example to your son!) and it’s doubtful Trump was overly concerned with him. What was on the president’s mind was CrowdStrike, the digital firm. He was trying to enlist Ukrainian help in tracking down the who, what, where, and why of the Russia probe (aka Spygate). That interested him. And why wouldn’t it? It would interest anyone who was the subject of such a nefarious plot. And the president was perfectly within his rights trying to do this — in the Ukraine or anywhere else.

Much of our media likes to dismiss Spygate and related matters as “debunked conspiracy theories.” In truth, they’re panicked by them. The entire impeachment roundelay is about deflecting from this coming storm. Adam Schiff, because he lied countless times about Russia collusion, is desperate to lead the way in this deflection. He will not succeed. Justice is coming.

Why am I so confident? I know many readers are not. Waiting for Barr or Durham or the inspector general feels like “Waiting for Godot.” (“Soon Monsieur Godot will come.” Yeah, right.) I sympathize. But patience, grasshopper. The Democrats are digging deeper and deeper holes for themselves. Some, rumor has it, already have buyer’s remorse on impeachment. Soon enough the bombs will start to go off. You can already read the fear in their eyes. It’s made manifest in the bad acting you see from all these Democratic congressmen and women — the phony “grave” assertions of how “sad” they are that they must undertake this “unfortunate” impeachment inquiry. But they do so for us, for the Constitution. (Again — yeah, right.)

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