GOP argues whistleblower’s name must be public

“Because we have corroborated everything the whistleblower has alleged, having the whistleblower testify would put the whistleblower’s life in serious jeopardy,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), a member of the Intelligence Committee, told CNN this week. “And so the question is, … is that person’s life worth less than being redundant? And our position right now is that it’s not.”

Trump, for his part, has said he’s trying to uncover the whistleblower’s identity, characterizing the figure as a “spy” with treasonous intent. And Republicans in Congress have eagerly joined the effort.

In closed-door depositions, private hallway conversations, public hearings and in tweets, the president’s GOP allies have targeted a specific individual — even as they readily concede they don’t know if that figure is the whistleblower.

The whistleblower’s attorneys, Bakaj and Zaid, have blasted members of Congress and the media who are trying to reveal the individual, arguing that even floating the name of someone suspected of being the whistleblower could result in “great physical danger” for that person and his or her family.

“It is beyond the pale of irresponsibility for a Member of Congress to vindictively and with partisan intent further promote conspiracy theories that could, especially in this day and age, lead to the physical harm of any individual,” Zaid said in an email to The Hill

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