Mother agreed to let husband rape girl, 8, and turn child into his ‘inferior wife’

Mother agreed to let husband rape girl, 8, and turn child into his ‘inferior wife’

A mother agreed to her pedophile husband’s request to rape an eight year-old girl and make the child his ‘inferior wife.’ Marcy Lynn Helms, 39, let spouse Brandon Helms, 34, abuse the child for seven years and get her pregnant at a feces-filled house in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Brandon Helms, jailed for up to 136 years Tuesday, told Marcy Lynn he wanted the girl to be his ‘concubine’ – a lower class of wife, and for him to call her ‘Lord.’ Shockingly, Marcy Lynn complied with the youngster forced to endure a two day, unassisted labor after becoming pregnant by rape. She gave birth on a table, with Brandon Helms continuing to rape her after she recovered. The relationship between Mary Lynn Helms and her husband’s victim has not been shared, to protect the child’s identity. Their victim’s ordeal finally came to an end in May 2018 when social workers were tipped off that a family was living in a condemned home. Brandon and Marcy Helms’ were spotted leaving in a car shortly afterwards, with the victim and her baby in the back seat. That car was stopped, and two other children subsequently discovered hiding under its floorboards. Police used the incident as an excuse to arrest Helms, with his victim eventually opening up to investigators about the sex abuse. She told of how she had been attacked at properties across Greensboro and Fayetteville before coming to Winston-Salem. The youngster also recalled how Helms would rape her in cars while the family were homeless, the Winston-Salem Journal reported. She is now in foster care, and was in court Tuesday to watch Helms take an Alford plea to over 20 sex charges, including statutory rape and felony child sex abuse. An Alford plea is not an admission of guilt,

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