California’s Little Lord Fauntleroy governor tries to silence President Trump

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Going full lordling, almost as if he’d been raised at Gordon Getty’s knee, which as a matter of fact, he was, California’s far-left Gov. Gavin Newsom is trying to wave his hand to silence President Trump.

It started when Trump might have noticed that Newsom was running scared, facing the wrath of angry voters over the state’s mismanaged forestry (which forbids the clearing of brush …. so that wildfires can do it, it seems), its greenie mandates which leave no cash for the power companies to upgrade their fire-igniting equipment, and its general mismanagement of California priorities and resources. The result of that whole ugly picture has led to the statewide fires that have destroyed homes and left millions without electricity, living the socialist Venezuela lifestyle, and not happy with Newsom about it.

Trump threw the first shot with a very sensible observation:


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