Journalist attacked by Antifa describes Halloween incident at his home: ‘It looked like something out of The Purge’

Prosecutors should be more vigilant in bringing charges against members of Antifa and push for prison time, said journalist Andy Ngo, describing a “terrifying” Halloween incident in which a group of men tried to force their way into his home.

Ngo discussed the case of an Antifa activist who was sentenced to six years in prison for cracking a man’s skull open during a demonstration at which he was present in Portland, Oregon. He said the assailant’s allies have gotten off easy and urged law enforcement to double their efforts.

“I wanted to point out this is only the second violent Antifa criminal across the United States to face actual prison time,” he said Monday on “America’s Newsroom.”

“The first one was a militant in New York City just last month who was sentenced to 18 months. So I hope that this marks a new trend in prosecutors pushing for actual convictions and sentencing.

“People may remember Eric Clanton, the academic Antifa person with the bike lock in California,” Ngo continued. “Police say that he had bashed seven people in the head with his bike lock and yet, in the end, he only had a misdemeanor conviction and probation time.”

Ngo was attacked and mugged by an unidentified member of Antifa during the June protest in Portland, but police have yet to come up with any leads on who is responsible.

“Not a single person has been arrested for beating and robbing me,” he told Fox News.

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