Sheriff’s Deputy and Middle School Teacher Wife Arrested on 60 Counts of Child Pornography

Sheriff’s Deputy and Middle School Teacher Wife Arrested on 60 Counts of Child Pornography
A Louisiana sheriff’s deputy and his wife, a local middle school teacher, were arrested late last month and each charged with 60 counts of producing child pornography.

The married couple, Dennis AKA “Denny,” 44, and Cynthia Perkins, 34, were nabbed on October 23 on a litany of sex crimes, including child rape charges.

“Among the evidence seized in the case are photos that show the two suspects nude with an unclothed child, a source familiar with the case said,” reported local Fox affiliate WAFB.

During the contentious press conference, Sheriff Ard was asked why the department never looked into allegations against Perkins brought forward in 2013 by Baton Rouge Police Lt. Todd Webb, who had approached the sheriff with concerns brought up by his stepdaughter after a sleepover at Perkins’ home. Ard responded Lt. Webb had never filed a report against Perkins, and that at the time there was no crime to investigate.

In an interview with WBRZ, Lt. Webb detailed how we regretted not formally filing a complaint after a counselor told his family Perkins was attempting to groom his stepdaughter.

“They have a lot of good people who work there, a lot of good deputies. And it just concerns me that I’ve seen other things in the media come out and it makes me wonder how this man was not looked at before. What has really bothered me is, like I said, I felt like, ‘Could I have done more in 2013? Could I have done an interview like this in 2013, and maybe more people would have come forward? And what has that man done since 2013 til now? How many people have been hurt from 2013 to now?’”

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