Ralph Reed: Christians Deserve Persecution if They Fail to Reelect Trump in 2020

Religious right activist Ralph Reed appeared on Stephen Strang’s podcast yesterday, where he warned that if Christians don’t come out in record numbers to ensure the reelection of President Donald Trump in 2020, they will face wholesale persecution from Democrats and they will deserve it.

Strang claimed that “life as we know it as Christians” would be forever changed if Trump does not win.

“It’s going to be bad news, and Christians have to realize that they cannot be complacent,” he said. “[Trump] is our champion and he has come through on his promises again and again, and we’ve got to get him back into a second term to finish what he’s started and also to stop the other side.”

Reed readily agreed, saying that Trump deserves the support of Christians because of what he has done regarding Israel and the judiciary.

Article URL : https://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/ralph-reed-christians-deserve-persecution-if-they-fail-to-reelect-trump-in-2020/

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