Republicans need a shot of courage on impeachment. Never Trumpers, time to make your move.

Trump has wrapped your movement in a new dignity, and there’s an actual constituency for you to lead. You can help us get this man out of office.

Jason Sattler Opinion columnist

November 5, 2019

Never Trumpers, if you do really exist, now is your time.

The full House of Representatives has officially embarked on the impeachment process that will almost surely lead to articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. The House will approve or reject the charges, and the Senate will then decide whether to convict Trump and remove him. Now, before those House and Senate votes, is your chance to change history — if you can learn a few things from the Democrats who have succeeded in opposing this president.

First, thank the president for resurrecting your movement. With a few notable exceptions, the once conscientious objectors in your party who had braved the Wrath of Don have humbled themselves back onto the GOP gravy train — joining trounced competitors like Little Marco, “Truly weird Rand Paul” and Lindsey Graham (who was crushed before Trump could give him a nickname). Or they’ve joined departed Sens. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker in the Phantom Zone, floating aimlessly among Trump critics unwilling to brave the prospect of being crushed in a GOP primary.

It’s enough to make meek Mitt Romney look like Braveheart.


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