German police establish branch to fight so-called ‘Islamist terrorism’


German federal police have established a new department to tackle what they claim as “terrorism motivated by Islam,” a statement on the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA)’s official website confirmed Friday.

The statement added that the Islam-motivated terrorism (TE) department was formed of two groups, one which is already working on existing cases while the other group will be accepting new personnel soon.

“The fight against Islamist terrorism has a high priority for the Federal Criminal Police Office,” the statement stressed, adding the new department is another important step to expand its operational, analytical and supporting capabilities to further strengthen the fight against “Islamist terrorism” together with other federal and state security agencies.


The question for discussion is: How useful (or useless) is the word Islamophobia in a discussion about Islam?

Pictured: the aftermath of a vehicular manslaughter Islamist terrorist attack in Germany.

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