Mollie Hemingway: ABC “Quashed” Epstein Story, But Broadcast “Wild” Allegations About Brett Kavanaugh

CARLSON: This is such an amazing story. Everything about the Jeffrey Epstein story is remarkable and it intersects with some of the most famous people of our time, very much, including Bill Clinton.

And these networks, CNN notably today, Jeff Zucker’s personal toady, his grinning minion was not saying one word about the story all day. It does seem like there’s a concerted effort to cover up for this guy. Why is that?

HEMINGWAY: I was struck even by what the reporter was saying that she worked on this story for three years. She tried to bring it to air for three years and now it was coming out.

Three years ago was 2016. We did not see reticence from our media about running stories about Donald Trump that were based on — that made him look bad, and yet, you saw this profound reticence for any story that might negatively affect Hillary Clinton.

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