Tulsi Gabbard vs. ‘The View’ Joy Behar: You Doubled Down On Hillary Clinton’s Baseless “Russian Asset” Smear Campaign

GABBARD: It is indisputable to say anything other than the facts… Let me just close this out that Hillary Clinton, throughout her career, has led with a foreign policy of interventionism and being the world’s police — going and toppling dictators in other countries that has cost such destruction and cost of life. I am against that. I am running for president to change that. Rather than actually debate me on the issues, she and others are resorting to these smear-tactic campaigns seeking to undermine me, smear my character, and sending a message to anyone who dissents to toe the line or you too will be smeared.

Article URL : https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/11/06/tulsi_gabbard_vs_the_view_joy_behar_you_doubled_down_on_hillary_clintons_baseless_russian_asset_smear_campaign.html

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