‘Has not lifted a finger’: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos blasted for increasingly rocky tenure

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has had a rough year — even relative to other remaining members of the Trump administration.

DeVos is facing troubles ranging from being fined $100,000 for contempt of court to dealing with lawsuits stemming from an ineffective Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF).

Massachusetts Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren called DeVos “the worst Secretary of Education” ever. A U.S. Magistrate in San Francisco slammed DeVos over “gross negligence” over the collection of debt payments from students of a defunct for-profit college. And a top student loan official chosen by DeVos recently quit over how “broken” the student loan system has become.

D.C.-based consumer advocacy group Allied Progress Spokesman Jeremy Funk told Yahoo Finance that DeVos “has not lifted a finger to fix the $1.6 trillion student debt crisis. [She has] only helped her friends in the student loan servicer and for-profit college industries make it worse for their own benefit.”

Funk added: “She’s expedited this harmful agenda by hiring a slew of industry lobbyists to run her Department … But don’t expect DeVos to change her behavior because President Trump either doesn’t care or is pleased she is doing the bidding of industries that have pumped millions of dollars into Republican campaigns like his.”


Article URL : https://finance.yahoo.com/news/betsy-devos-education-secretary-171431586.html

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