IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser, skips impeachment deposition

Last week, Bolton — who was fired by Trump in September — was formally invited to testify before the three congressional committees in charge of questioning witnesses, but his lawyer, Charles Cooper, quickly made clear that his client was unwilling to appear voluntarily.

Jennifer Williams, special adviser to Europe and Russia to Vice President Mike Pence, did arrive Thursday for her scheduled deposition.

“Jennifer is a longtime dedicated State Department employee,” her attorney, Justin Schur, said in a statement. “If required to appear, she will answer the Committees’ questions. We expect her testimony will largely reflect what is already in the public record.”

Bolton has not been issued a subpoena, according to Cooper, his attorney.

Bolton’s no-show comes after his former top deputy, Charles Kupperman, defied a subpoena and skipped his own scheduled deposition amid efforts by the White House to block his appearance. Kupperman, who is also represented by Cooper, then filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge to rule on whether he must testify under a congressional subpoena.

In a letter to Kupperman and Cooper, the chairmen of the three committees leading the inquiry said they would expect him to abide by whatever decision comes down in the House Judiciary Committee’s lawsuit involving former White House counsel Don McGahn. The House filed a lawsuit in August to enforce a subpoena and compel McGahn’s testimony as a central witness in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian election interference and Trump.

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