Popeyes Chicken Sandwich craze continues with woman scraping car to cut in drive-thru line

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And so the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich craze continues.

A woman tried to cut in a drive-thru line at a Popeyes in Los Angeles, sideswiping her own car in the process.

In a video shared to Instagram, a woman in a grey Mercedes is seen trying to jump the line by driving past the long row of cars in the drive-thru lane and then jamming her car in front of a dark grey Toyota that is at the order window.

In the close-up video, the woman is seen struggling to move her car forward as it scrapes along the concrete safety bollard and scratches up her paint job, as well as takes off part of her door panel.

A witness is heard telling the driver, “Damn, you’re f—ing your s— up.”


Article URL: https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/popeyes-chicken-sandwich-woman-scraping-car

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