If Ciaramella Is The Whistleblower, Democrats Have Made A Major Blunder And Their Credibility Will Evaporate

Ciaramella’s ascension is surprising considering pro-Trump sources within the Obama administration disclosed to me in December 2016, that Ciaramella’s helped draft Susan Rice’s anti-Trump talking points before the Inauguration.

In fall of 2016 as Obama’s director for Ukraine on the NSC, Ciaramella was the main force pushing Trump-Russia conspiracy theories.

Some suspect Ciaramella was one of the original leakers who told the media about classified conversations Trump had with Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov. While it’s unproven that Ciaramella leaked that conversation, it is now a fact of life that he will have access to every conversation Trump has with foreign officials, as part of his official duties for McMaster.

Article URL : https://www.redstate.com/elizabeth-vaughn/2019/10/31/ciaramella-whistleblower-democrats-made-major-blunder-credibility-will-evaporate/

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