‘Thin Blue Line’ flag supporters greet Hogan, Elrich in Montgomery Co.

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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich agree on one thing when it comes to the “Thin Blue Line” flag: Both say the symbol has been “misappropriated.”

Hogan criticized Elrich for refusing a gift of the flag to a Montgomery County police station. Hogan, who has said the flag supports the work of police, remarked Thursday that the flag had been made into a controversial symbol, but that was “far-left nonsense.”

Elrich’s position is that the flag was appropriated by hate groups — that it went from being a symbol honoring police to a symbol of intimidation, “and I don’t need people to think that’s the flag we’re flying, and that’s my dilemma,” he said.


Article URL: https://wtop.com/maryland/2019/11/thin-blue-line-flag-supporters-greet-hogan-elrich-in-montgomery-co/

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