Trump backers say he isn’t the one dividing the country

President Donald Trump, whose fierce attacks on the political left and his Republican critics have been a hallmark of his presidency, isn’t the one dividing the country, several Trump supporters told CNN.

They voiced their opinions this week to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day” during a panel discussion she had on a range of issues with six voters from swing districts in Pennsylvania. When the group was asked by Camerota if they were “tired of the divisiveness,” they agreed that they were — but they split over whether the President was responsible.
“Do you think that President Trump plays any role in that divisiveness?” Camerota asked.
“No,” several voters responded loudly, with two panelists saying he does.
When Camerota asked the group if they think the President is “being helpful,” one Trump supporter, Crystal Arlington, replied: “I think he’s being helpful, yes.”
Later during the segment, Camerota asked Arlington if there was “anything (Trump) could do that would make you not vote for him,” to which the voter said, “No.”

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