How The Star Witness In Roger Stone’s Trial Proved ‘Difficult’ For Prosecutors

Randy Credico, the government’s star witness in the trial of Roger Stone, undercut several key planks in the case against the longtime Trump confidant.
Credico testified that he knew Stone to be a “dog lover,” which counters prosecutors’ allegations that Stone threatened to steal Credico’s dog, Bianca.
A court transcript from Friday’s proceedings also shows that the judge overseeing the case privately referred to Credico as a “difficult” witness.
Journalists who were in the courtroom reported that Credico’s testimony countered some of the government’s allegations against Stone.
When the federal judge presiding over the trial against Roger Stone referred to the government’s star witness, Randy Credico, as “difficult” on Friday, none of the members of the jury or others in the Washington, D.C., court room overheard her pointed remarks.

District Judge Amy Berman Jackson made the observation during a side bar discussion with lead government attorney Aaron Zelinsky and Stone lawyer Robert Bushchel, according to a transcript of the court proceedings obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Jackson made the remark after two days of testimony that saw Credico, a comedian and longtime frenemy of Stone’s, repeatedly chided for going off track in response to questions, and for attempting to perform impressions.

After one contentious exchange, Jackson called a side bar for Bushchel and Zelinsky, who was assistant special counsel on the Robert Mueller probe.

“In our defense, the witness — ” Bushchel began to tell Jackson, according to the court transcript.

“Is difficult,” Jackson interjected. “I’m doing the best I can.”

“Believe me, I think everybody is doing the best under difficult circumstances,” Jackson also told the lawyers.

“I don’t usually insert myself in examinations as often as I have.”

“I’m trying to facilitate what you’re doing, and focusing in ways that maybe are less threatening to him so that he can actually answer the question.”

While the jury was unable to hear the exchange thanks to the use of a husher, which blocks out ancillary noise, they did observe Credico undermining several key planks of the government’s case against Stone, who was indicted Jan. 24 on seven counts, including witness tampering, obstruction of a government proceeding, and making false statements to Congress.

Credico acknowledged during cross-examination Friday that Stone, who he has known since 2002, is a “dog lover.” Credico also testified that he had “many” associates, including some of his legal advisers, urging him to plead the Fifth to avoid cooperating with the House Intelligence Committee.

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