Ilhan Omar Faces Fresh Accusations of Anti-Semitism Over Michael Bloomberg Tweet

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has been accused of making a veiled anti-Semitic comment in a tweet about Michael Bloomberg.

While sharing an article on Twitter about Leon Cooperman expressing his support for “fellow billionaire” Bloomberg’s possible run for president, Omar commented “I wonder why?” alongside a thinking face emoji.

Cooperman, the billionaire chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors, told CNBC on Friday that he would back the former mayor of New York City for president should he enter the race for the White House. He added that he would also help with fundraising as long as Bloomberg stuck with his moderate policies.

But while some viewed Omar’s reaction to the article as an observation about “billionaires sharing similar political views”, others believe she is implying that Cooperman’s support for Bloomberg is because they are both Jewish—and accused her of anti-Semitism.

“Omar very carefully making an anti-Semitic tweet with just enough vagueness to claim that ackshually she meant it was about the Benjamins and not about religion,” wrote Josh Jordan on Twitter. “But everyone knows what she meant, which is why she continues to do it.”

Lahav Harbov, a senior contributing editor for The Jerusalem Post, also took to Twitter to accuse Omar of making an anti-Semitic remark. “I’m going to keep calling this kind of antisemitic dog whistle out regardless of the color, religion or political affiliation of the person making it,” she wrote.

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