Schockierende Fotobeweise: Chemtrails verursachen Waldbrände! (Shocking photo proof: Chemtrails cause forest fires!)

Samstag, 9. November 2019

Berlin (Archive) – Climate Control, Population Reduction, Sky Degradation – Chemtrails are used by the government for various purposes. Now, new imagery suggests that the controversial chemicals are apparently being used to ignite forest fires.
The photo above was downloaded to our editorial team by an anonymous source. It shows an airplane pulling a clear trace of chemicals behind it. Where the chemicals go down, you can clearly see flames and smoke.
Anyone who speaks here of “contrails” must now also explain since when “condensation” is burning.
Another shocking photo of proof, which should silence all who call Chemtrail activists conspiracy theorists:

Why the government seems to ignite forests is unclear. Perhaps it serves the perfidious goal of making chemtrails even more efficient if the applied toxins are no longer filtered out of the air by annoying trees.
It can not be ruled out that forests are only test objects. In the long term, it could be planned to light citizens directly from the air in order to decimate the world’s population. Whatever purpose the masterminds of the Chemtrail program pursue, that they are already causing serious damage, given the evidence, no one can deny it any more:

So if you notice any future chemtrails in the sky, follow these tips:

  • Run for your life!
  • Optionally shout as loud as possible, “Fire, from the sky, in cover!” or something similar, to warn your less enlightened fellows!
  • Seek refuge in a closed space!
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