Why Is Christopher Steele Still a Thing? The ex-spy and infamous “dossier” author posits yet another elaborate theory of foreign infiltration

Closed as old news – NV  Published Nov. 5, 2019

This has nothing to do with Trump, and everything to do with restoring controls that are supposed to exist to prevent the press from leading the public off the deep end.

The WMD affair showed what happens when we don’t require sources to show us evidence, when we let political actors use the press to “confirm” their own assertions, when we report on the journey of rumors instead of the rumors themselves, and most especially when we lionize intelligence and law enforcement figures, who usually turn out to be just as craven and unreliable as the rest of us.

When we let stuff like this go, the public sees us as fools, at which point it doesn’t matter whether what we write is for or against any politician, because nobody believes us anyway. Is this really the industry standard we’re gunning for? Are we never going to own up to this one?

Article URL : https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/political-commentary/christopher-steele-britain-insanity-909539/

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