Rand Paul On ‘Meet The Press’: The Law Literally Required That Trump Ask Ukraine To Investigate Biden

And here’s where the books are on Trump’s side: Current U.S. law prevents the U.S. from lending help to corrupt countries.

Therefore, the congressman explained, Trump would’ve needed to ask for a Biden investigation — since he suspected the family was corrupt — in order to give Ukraine the assistance.

Here’s Mr. Paul:

“Foreign aid, by law, can only go out to countries that are not corrupt. So, if you think that a country is acting in a corrupt way, a president can always withhold aid until the corruption is fixed. So, you’re going to have to get into the mind of Trump and his advisers and say, ‘Well, he didn’t really believe that the Bidens were corrupt.’ I think he absolutely does. I think you could give him a lie detector test and say, ‘Do you think the Bidens were corrupt? And do you think you were investigating corruption, and that corruption is in the law, that you can’t give aid to a country that has corruption?’”

Article URL : https://www.redstate.com/alexparker/2019/11/10/rand-paul-meet-press-law-literally-required-trump-ask-ukraine-investigate-biden/

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