52% of German Jews are blamed for anything done by the Israeli government “frequently” or “all the time.”

Key findings

  • 52% said they are being blamed for anything done by the Israeli government “frequently” or “all the time.”
  • 31% of those harassed identified the perpetrator as “someone with a Muslim extremist view.”
  • “Violent physical anti-Semitism” was most likely to be attributed to Muslim extremists.

Other findings:

  • Young Jews are “considerably more likely” to experience anti-Jewish harassment than their elders.
  • 44% experienced at least one incident of harassment in the 12 months before the survey.
  • 73% of respondents say that they have not worn anything that may identify them as Jewish on at least one occasion due to safety concerns.
  • 41% have considered emigrating from their country because of safety concerns, mostly to Israel.
  • Holocaust denial or trivialization, suggesting “nefarious uses of power by Jews” or that Jews themselves are to blame for anti-Semitism top the list of anti-Jewish “tropes.”


The survey identifies Muslims, not nzi types, as greatest harasser of German Jews. The question for discussion is:


Considering more attacks on Jews in Germany are perpetrated by Muslims, not nzi types, how should Jews address people who think there is no Islamist threat to Jews?


Article URL : https://amp.dw.com/en/anti-semitism-a-growing-concern-for-majority-of-europes-young-jews/a-49477327

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