Is the UK sinking into an amoral morass?

King’s College, London has recently conducted a survey of moral attitudes in the UK and those who cleave to biblical morality aren’t happy. The main results of the survey are:

  • In 1989, 40% of Britons thought gay relationships were wrong. Now a mere 13% hold that belief.
  • In 1989, 24% of Britons believed having children out of wedlock was immoral. Now only 13% believe that.
  • In 1989, so-called “adult” magazines were considered immoral by 38% of Britons, but that number is now only 22%.
  • In 1989, 60% of Britons believed taking soft drugs (e.g., cannabis) was wrong. Now only 29% do (and 33% of people now view heroin use as acceptable).
  • In 1989, 35% of Britons believe abortion was wrong. Now only 18% of individuals believe that.
  • In 1989, only 22% of people thought euthanasia was immoral. That number has now dipped even lower, to 17%.

It would interesting to see the answers to these questions in the US and Canada.

How do you think attitudes to these moral questions has changed in the US and Canada? If they have changed at all.


Frans Franken. Mankind’s eternal dilemma: the choice between virtue and vice. 1633.

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