Republicans are trying to shift the argument over impeachment to what was going on inside Trump’s mind, after testimony tore apart defenses based on fact

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Republicans are moving to argue that the argument over whether to impeach President Donald Trump should focus on on Trump’s “state of mind” instead of official testimony.

An impeachment inquiry is currently discerning whether Trump withheld $400 million from president Volodymyr Zelensky as a “quid pro quo” exchange to get an investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden.

An internal memorandum from Republican members of the Intelligence, Oversight and Reform, and Foreign Affairs committees published Monday night by Axios urged members to focus on four arguments which they say prove Trump was not seeking a quid-pro-quo deal.

Before introducing new talking points for GOP representatives, it included a sentence explicitly marking Trump’s inner intentions as the most significant question to be answered (emphasis ours):

“To appropriately understand the events in question — and most importantly, assess the President’s state of mind during his interaction with President Zelensky — context is necessary.”

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