Intercessors for America’s Prayer Guide on Impeachment Lies About Inquiry

On Tuesday night, the Trump-supporting prayer warriors at Intercessors for America texted followers an “urgent prayer assignment” about the public impeachment hearings that began on Wednesday morning. Those who responded were sent a two-page prayer guide about the hearings that included a glaring falsehood; it claims that this week’s scheduled witnesses “previously testified to the committee behind closed doors with no questions from the minority members permitted.”

In fact, Republican members who were part of the closed-door inquiry had ample opportunity to participate and question witnesses, as is documented in the since-released transcript of the testimony of Ambassador William Taylor, who is among the first witnesses appearing in the public hearings.

It’s not terribly surprising that IFA is promoting Republican skepticism and talking points about the legitimacy of the impeachment inquiry. Last year, the group promoted a prayer that Trump would “rule” in the midst of his enemies, which it said “is the same decree that King David prophesied in his own nation concerning the coming Messiah.”

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