ABC News still hasn’t explained why it protected Jeffrey Epstein or why it retaliated against the alleged whistleblower

It has been eight days since the public first learned from a leaked video of journalist Amy Robach that ABC News executives in 2016 spiked her reporting on high-powered, globe-trotting pedophile Jeffery Epstein and his network of well-connected sexual predators.

It has been seven days since the public first learned that ABC conspired with CBS News to have an individual fired from her job with the latter because ABC suspected that she is the one who leaked the video.

It has been five days since the public first heard from the fired CBS producer, Ashley Bianco, that she was not the individual responsible for leaking ABC’s archival footage of Robach.

It has been one day since the public first learned that ABC is still hunting for the real leaker, who is apparently still employed by the network, and that top executives are reportedly “freaking out” over the anonymous employee’s secret identity.

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