Ex MMA Fighter Defends Herself, Taking Down Anti-Trump Protester at Proud Boys Rally


A former cage-fighter Tara LaRosa took down an anti-Trump protester at a Proud Boys rally in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday. She then faced a backlash from Antifa sympathizers on social media.

Tara LaRosa, 31, was partaking in a Proud Boys associated pro-Trump patriotic flag-waving parade in Portland on Sunday afternoon as part of preparations for Veteran’s Day. But not everyone along the route shared the demonstrators’ zeal for the president nor their appreciation and support of veterans.

A self-proclaimed female professor stepped up to intervene in the demonstration by shouting disrespectful expletives referring to the president.

Article URL : https://www.ntd.com/ex-mma-fighter-defends-herself-taking-down-anti-trump-protester-at-proud-boys-rally_404168.html

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