THE MANE ISSUE Toddler becomes so obsessed with mannequin head he even SLEEPS with it after mum gave it to him to play with her hair

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Ilarni Clark had always let 14-month-old Harry play with her hair while drifting off, but was forced to find an alternative when she started getting headaches.

After appealing to her pals online, the 22-year-old was offered a spare doll’s head with the same length and colour mane as her’s, by a friend who’s a trainee hairdresser.

It wasn’t long before Harry became attached to the head, which he’s named ‘Baba’, insisting on sleeping with it in their bed and taking it out with him.

But Ilarni, from Sunderland, is terrified of it, often thinking someone was in the room with them. She’s even accidentally kissed Baba goodnight, mistaking it for her son.

Ilarni, who has one kid with Callum Mackay, 21, said: “In our bed, there’s me, Callum, Harry and the doll’s head. It has given me a few frights in the middle of night.


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