Tucker Carlson: TV Partisans Say You’re Not Accepting The Facts To “Reassure Themselves Their Ruse Is Working”

Pretty funny. But it’s not real. Partisans on TV say things like this, not to convince you, but to reassure themselves that their ruse is working. On some level, they know you don’t believe them. According to a CNN report this afternoon, top Democrats secretly admit to one another that they’re not convincing voters that Trump should be removed before the election. They’re impeaching him for the benefit of the true believers who watch MSNBC in primetime. It’s a variety show staged for the benefit of the party’s donors and activists. It won’t move votes. In fact, in the end, impeachment could very well wind up hurting the Democratic Party. It likely will. That’s starting to dawn on them now, and it’s having an interesting effect. Precisely because their propaganda isn’t convincing anyone, the establishment is doing less and less to conceal what they’re really up to. Early this morning, for example, Bloomberg news published this tweet summarizing the first day of hearings. Quote: “The first public impeachment hearing against Donald Trump laid out how a handful of loyalists led by Rudy Giuliani wrested control of U.S. policy from seasoned diplomats.”

Consider that for a second. Is there a clearer inversion of the Constitution? Diplomats don’t “control” foreign policy. Voters do, through their elected officials. It doesn’t matter if every single bureaucrat in the State Department disagreed with the President’s Ukraine policy. The president was elected. They weren’t. Power in the executive branch is his exclusively. That’s how democracies work. And that’s why in Washington, almost nobody still supports democracy.

Article URL : https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/11/15/tucker_carlson_tv_partisans_say_youre_not_accepting_the_facts_to_reassure_themselves_their_ruse_is_working.html

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