A restaurant called ‘Immigrant Food’ just opened a block from the White House

As salsa and merengue beats pulse in the background, diners are lining up at one of the newest restaurants in the nation’s capital.
It’s called “Immigrant Food,” and it’s just a block from the White House.
The fast-casual spot caters to a weekday lunchtime crowd, with bowls blending cuisines from different cultures around the globe — like a dish that combines Vietnamese spicy-rice noodles with pickled bananas in what the restaurant says is an “ode both to Central America’s favorite fruit and to German-style pickling.” It also gives diners a chance to donate to local immigrant advocacy groups — all under a slogan aiming to bridge the political divide and find common ground: “United at the Table.”
During the restaurant’s opening week, co-founder Peter Schechter has been shaking visitors’ hands and offering menu suggestions as they wait in line to order during the lunch rush.
He wants people to feel at home here, and to hear the story he’s excited to tell.

Article URL : https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/immigrant-food-restaurant-white-house/index.html

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