Jim Jordan Says Schiff is Hiding FOUR Transcripts to Prevent Republicans From Using Info in Them to Question Impeachment Witnesses (VIDEO)


Schiff has been selectively leaking, and releasing transcripts and portions of transcripts from depositions taken in his secret bunker — Schiff does this to control the narrative and to damage Trump as much as he possibly can.

Schiff has yet to release FOUR transcripts from officials whose testimonies destroyed Schiff’s Trump impeachment train.

The reason for this is so Republican lawmakers cannot use the damaging information in the transcripts to question the impeachment witnesses in Schiff’s public show trials.

“We would like to use parts of the testimony from Mr. Morrison as an example, in the open hearings but we’re prohibited under House rules from doing that,” he added.

Recall, Tim Morrison was actually on the July 25 Trump-Zelensky phone call and disputes Schiff’s lies.

Schiff is only allowing the public to hear from anti-Trump zealots with third and fourth-hand information about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

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