Study: Global warming forces men in the long run to wear their scrotum outside the pants

Sonntag, 17. November 2019
Copenhagen (Archive) – Just before the start of the World Climate Summit in Madrid, a new study by the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen shows how strongly global warming could affect our everyday lives in the not too distant future. By 2089 at the latest, men will be forced to wear their scrotum permanently outside of their clothing to protect them from overheating. Only in this way can optimal sperm production and thus the continuity of humanity be guaranteed.

“Sperm need a temperature two to five degrees below body temperature,” says environmentalist and evolutionary biologist Professor Cameron Thorpe. “That’s why evolution has created the scrotum outside the body.” However, global warming is happening so fast that human anatomy does not have time to adapt.

Therefore, it will be necessary to reshape pants and underwear for men, so that the scrotum can be worn permanently open. “From today’s perspective, that may seem grotesque,” Thorpe admits. “For the people of the year 2089, however, free-swinging scrotums will be a completely normal sight.”

In the summer months, it may even be necessary for men to sit on ice packs for most of the day.

However, there are also doubts about the findings of the study. Although no one denies that the male scrotum soon needs additional cooling. However, some experts point out that with the global warming also the oceans are rising. With a little luck, the higher sea levels will approach the scrotum of most men by 2089 and ensure proper cooling naturally.

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