Ben Carson “Black Americans Are Winning with President Trump”

Ben Carson “Black Americans Are Winning with President Trump”

By The Honorable Dr. Benjamin Carson

Originally published at BlackPressUSA

Actions speak louder than words, and the Trump Administration has bellowed its vision for Black America. For years, politicians have demonstrated reform and the advancement of our communities. The results are far from what you hear in a stump speech. President Trump has fundamentally altered the ways of Washington for the better, and Black Americans are reaping some of the biggest rewards. As we approach the 2020 Election, we should embrace conservative policies that are working and reject big government politicians whose policies have failed us. The era of false promises is over. Let’s vote using evidence versus rhetoric.

President Trump is the only politician in recent memory who has a record of making sure Black Americans are a priority. His pro-growth policies have brought everyone to the table. President Trump believes in equal rights, not extra rights. Rather than pander or treat any American as a special voting bloc, his view is that Americans are patriots and deserve a country that works on their behalf. That’s why I endorsed then-candidate Donald Trump in March 2016, pledged to help him get elected and have served as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. I knew he would make Washington work for all Americans – including the Black community.

Chicago is America’s third most populous city and is where many Obama administration alumni began their careers. Chicago’s population is over one-third Black and Democratic party policies have done an incredible disservice for generations. The Cloverhill Bakery in Northwest Chicago was found guilty of employing over 800 illegal immigrants using false identification. After the investigation and action from ICE, the new employees were 90 percent Black and received a higher wage than the prior illegal immigrants. A harsh reality is that illegal immigration siphons wages, jobs, and housing from Black Americans. Yet, no pundit or political spinster will ever say that out loud. Instead, they insist that putting America First is somehow against our patriotic interests.

Over nine million black Americans live in poverty, yet Democrats continually put illegal immigrants first. Immigration is good when done legally and can be very advantageous when done in a thoughtful and compassionate way.

The Trump Administration is committed to reversing this trend by aggressively tackling some of the root issues causing generational poverty – access to education and reviving distressed communities. President Trump has given more money to Historically Black Colleges and Universities than any president ever elected and has waived an additional $322 million in HBCU federal debt. Moreover, $100 million for HBCU scholarships and research funding for land-grant institutions were allocated in the recent Farm Bill. This is a stark contrast to the previous administration, which drove a wedge between the government and HBCUs.

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