Buttigieg campaign has just made his problems with black support much worse

The mainstream media has done its best to paper over Pete Buttigieg’s problems with attracting black support. They hate to admit that there could ever be conflict among members of “intersectional” grievance groups. Blacks, in particular, are to be shielded from any criticisms of collective behavior, which must always be supported, or at least “understood” in “context.”

But African-Americans have more negative attitudes toward homosexual behavior than other major demographic segments of the population, based at least in part on attendance at churches that have played a major role in the civil rights revolutions of the past 60 years, and are therefore somewhat sanctified and immune from criticism. So, we see almost nothing in the media addressing black opposition to Buttigieg based on his sexual practices.


Article URL : https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/11/buttigieg_campaign_has_just_made_his_problems_with_black_support_much_worse.html

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