Food blogger finishes 3-foot hot dog thought to be biggest in UK: ‘It was absolutely delicious’

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Give her your wurst — she’s up for the challenge.

A food blogger in England has become the first to take down a daunting eating challenge from a London snack shack, finishing off a three-foot hot dog — topped with all sorts of other pork products and condiments — in only 25 minutes.

Kate Ovens — who boasts 170,000 followers on Facebook, nearly 60,000 on YouTube and another 84,000 on Instagram — was offered the challenge after the Oh My Dog! eatery in southeast London created the hot dog, dubbed the “BFD,” specifically for her.

In doing so, the restaurant is believed to have created Britain’s biggest hot dog, which not only featured a three-foot frank, but also bacon jam, bacon mayo, smoked pancetta, mustard, ketchup, and bacon-flavored potato chips crumbled on top.


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