Fossil fuels dominate global energy – Democrats try to conceal & suppress this reality

There are now at least 4 major global energy and emissions 2019 reports addressing the unequivocal energy reality that fossil fuels dominate year 2018 world energy use and emissions and further that future world energy use and resulting emissions outcomes through at least year 2050 will continued to be dominated by fossil fuel use.

These results are dictated by the world’s developing nations that completely control the direction and magnitude of all global energy and emissions outcomes.

The unequivocal fact that global energy and emissions are overwhelming dominated by fossil fuels as dictated by the worlds developing nation’s is concealed and suppressed by Democrats who continue to inappropriately push massively costly, hugely ineffective and completely unnecessary energy and emissions schemes like the Green New Deal upon our country while using distortion, deception and dishonestly to hide the global irrelevance of their climate alarmist propaganda schemes with the support of biased and purely politically driven climate alarmist media.

These comprehensive year 2019 reports that address present and future global energy and emissions outcomes include the Brutish Petroleum Statistical Review report, the European Commission Joint Research Centre report, the Energy Information Administration International Energy Outlook 2019 report and most recently the International Energy Agency 2019 report.

The GWPF article headline addressing the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) latest 2019 report on global energy and emissions says it all by noting “Climate Hysteria Flops: Global CO2 Emissions Rising Again And Won’t Peak Before 2040”.

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